The Skownan Development Corporation – SKO Development Inc. – was established as a result of a community meeting planned to move the community forward. This has separated business from politics; allowing the businesses to prosper and create a solid economy.

A Board of Directors, elected by the people of Skownan, operates the corporation under a strict set of guidelines allowing prosperity and accountability.

In order to achieve the goal of establishing the corporation, SKO Development Inc., has launched a plan to implement concrete actions for sustainable economic development initiatives that will foster the economic conditions and engage the resources available in the community.

Mission Statement

The Skownan Development Corporation was established to create, promote, and develop economic and business initiatives for our community having intentions to stimulate the community’s economic plan with the vision of creating employment and supporting self-reliance.


The people of Skownan First Nation have spoken and have given the mandate to the Corporation to carry out the action plan to create and establish businesses, partnerships, and employment opportunities for all stakeholders of the community.


The vision of the Corporation is to create a mechanism that will facilitate the viability and independence of our community by having a sound business plan for developing, creating employment, and maintaining growth and success for our future.

For more information:

Board-Skownan First Nation Chief & Council

Phone: (204) 628-3373