Skownan First Nation is proud to introduce the SKO Women’s Fitness Centre!

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The SKO Women’s Fitness Centre was created to provide the women in the community and surrounding areas with a facility and newly-purchased Hydraulic Circuit Training Equipment necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Skownan supports health and wellness and provides this service and equipment to the women as part of our health, wellness, and cultural programming.


The introduction of the Centre and this style of equipment was the brainchild of Councillor Charlotte Nepinak who was introduced to Curves (a women’s-only gym) by one of her best friends in 2008. Inspired by her visits to Curves, Charlotte envisioned bringing this type of equipment to the community and in May 2015 began the process to do so once an opportunity arose. At the same time, it happened that Skownan First Nation Chief and Council met to discuss ideas for allocating moneys received from the MB Hydro Bipole III Agreement with Skownan. Charlotte’s proposal to purchase the equipment was unanimously supported by all Council and plans began to bring this to the community.

The Hydraulic Circuit Training Equipment, which is designed specifically for women, was purchased from the United States at an approximate cost of $ 30,000.00. Months of work with customs clearance and shippers finally resulted in the equipment arriving in Skownan.

Currently, the SKO Women’s Fitness Centre at 1146 Building B Adjacent to the Skownan First Nation Administration Office, however, it will eventually have its own separate facility.  Keys are available at the VLT Centre for after hour use.


SKO Women’s Fitness Centre will be available to all women in Skownan and surrounding areas for a nominal monthly membership fee. The fee will be based on the individual’s annual income. The membership fee will include all-access to the facility and equipment and water during the exercise routine. This monthly fee will be used to maintain the facility and equipment and offset any costs for supplies such as water. The membership fee will also ensure that individuals are committed to using the fitness centre and will provide incentive to keep up their exercise routine.

The Centre and its equipment will only be available to the women of SKO and surrounding areas who are 16 years of age and over. No children will be allowed to use or play with the equipment.

Monthly membership fee scale will be as follows:

Currently, the SKO Women’s Fitness Centre is offering a free trial membership to all women in SKO so we encourage all the women to come by the recreation centre to give the new equipment a try!


The Hydraulic Circuit Training Equipment uses hydraulic resistance. The Hydraulic resistance (resistance using water or fluid) means that you will be moving fluid when using the machines and not weights. You will push forward with one muscle group and pull back with the opposing muscle group. This type of effort easily elevates and sustains your target heart rate, which is essential to receive the full benefits of a workout and reach fat burning levels. By working muscle groups that oppose each other, you also work muscles in balance.

The Circuit Training workout alternates an upper body strength station, an aerobic recovery station, and then a lower body strength station to give your members one of the best cardio/strength training workouts ever!


The equipment will not only help you with weight loss and muscle development, but will also help with:

  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  • Boost the immune system
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Boost self-confidence and self-image

For more information please contact:

Charlotte Nepinak



       Laureen Catcheway