SKO Outfitters offers big game hunt within the Skownan First Nation, Treaty 2, traditional territory. The business started in 2011 and presently offers three (3) to five (5) day big game hunts to non-residence hunters. There are plans of expansion and diversity to be announced at a later date.

Vision Statement

SKO Outfitters is focused on offering quality and excellence in service of guiding to its clients.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the SKO Outfitters will be to function as a full-fledged sustainable business within the overall structure of the SKO Business Corporation. In doing this, the operations will focus on a level of excellence in our outfitting business and help our community members do the same.

Business Priorities

The following list of priorities amplify the focus needed in addressing both the business and community needs. The SKO Outfitters will be staffed and operated by professionals with both experience and certification.


To create a long term blueprint of the business;

  • Keep our customers happy and excited about our business;
  • Create partnerships to grow our business;
  • Capacity building for our staff and members;
  • Reinvesting in the business and our staff;
  • Creation of jobs both on and off reserve;
  • Packages Offered
  • We will be offering five (5) day hunts for the following;
  • Bear and Deer in Game Hunting area 20;
  • Bear and Deer in Game hunting zone 15.

For more information, please contact:

Councillor Sterling Catcheway

Skownan First Nation

Phone: (204) 628-3373 Ext. 110

E-mail:   or