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Community Safety Services


Skownan First Nation falls under the jurisdiction of the Winnipegosis RCMP Detachment.

For emergencies contact the detachment directly at (204) 656-7003.

Band Constable Program

Skownan currently has two certified Safety Officers.

The objectives of the Skownan First Nation Safety Officer Program are:

  1. To provide the First Nation with an enforcement arm which will look after areas of local concern which are not of the jurisdiction of the RCMP including areas such as:

enforcement of band by-laws;

maintaining order at various band functions;

policing of band property; and

other functions normally carried out by a community or town constable; and

         2. To supplement (not supplant), locally, the RCMP.

The Government of Canada recently announced that the First Nations Policing Program will end at the end of March 2015. This is an issue that the Chiefs of Manitoba need to negotiate with the Aboriginal Policing Program to continue funding this program as it is vital to all First Nations in Manitoba.


Skownan Firsrt Nation Safety Officer:

Clayton Sutherland

Phone (home) #: 204-628-3620

Work: 204-628-3373


The Skownan First Nation and its business also hire security personnel to guard, patrol, or monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.

Crime Prevention

In April 2014, band members expressed urgency to develop a Crime Prevention Strategy in the community. Several community meetings were held with recommendations made including the development of a community-based crime watch (“Citizens On Patrol – COP”) among other recommendations.

The leadership of Skownan First Nation fully believes in the safety of all community members and supports the involvement of all members in the crime prevention strategy and crime watch program.

A call-out was made for members to sit on the Crime Prevention Strategy working group to begin developing a community-based strategy on crime prevention and awareness.

Further community and planning committee meetings will be held to continue this important work.