Councillor Sterling Catcheway


 Councillor Sterling Catcheway

Skownan First Nation

Phone: (204) 628-3373 Ext. 232

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  • SKO Construction Inc.
  • SKO Housing Authority
  • Public Works and Community Services
  • Bison
  • Commercial Fishermen
  • SKO Business Centre (convenience store)
  • SKO Radio
  • SKO Outfitters
  • Economic and business development
  • Joint ventures


Housing Authority:

Responsibilities of the Housing Authority include:

  • implementing the housing policy and assist with procedures for securing new housing;
  • maintenance of housing/dwellings so that requirements are brought up to standard;
  • developing housing budgets for operations and maintenance;
  • corresponding with government agencies to secure funding for new and existing housing;
  • applying to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) for Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence Program (HASI) — On-Reserve & Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) On-Reserve projects for existing dwellings in the First Nation; and
  • Ensuring that the existing database is maintained so all files are current and up to date.

Skownan has been involved most recently in the renovations of 29 houses in the community, 10 CMHC, 15 Subsidy, and 4 Home Ownership. In 2014, Skownan qualified for more CMHC units and will be building 10 units. There have been no houses built in the community for 10-11 years.

Economic Development:

Mandated by Chief and Council to support the creation of the Development Corporation (SKO Development Inc.) for the community to manage and establish new businesses for the community.