Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation provides assistance so that on-reserve First Nation members can access eligible, medically-necessary health services that cannot be obtained in the community.

Medical Transportation may be provided to help on-reserve members access the following types of services:

  • Provincially-insured medical services (e.g. doctors’ appointments, hospital care, health programs provided to all provincial residents);
  • Eligible Non-Insured Health Benefits approved by the NIHB Program; and
  • Alcohol, solvent, drug abuse and detox treatment pre-approved by the NIHB Program.

Designated travel areas are Winnipegosis, Dauphin, and Ste. Rose Du Lac & including St Martin Junction if people prefer to use the Bus Warrant System. Health Canada’s Transportation Referral Unit (TRU) provides the bus warrants.

Medical Transportation is provided only to band members living on-reserve and people from other First Nations who are also living in Skownan.

48-hour notice is required for all medical/dental appointments.

NO EXCEPTIONS on same day appointments and walk-ins. In case of emergency, please contact the local ambulance.

Two medical van drivers are available for medical trips and run on a weekly schedule including after-hours & weekends. The medical van schedule is broadcast on the SKO radio.

Community members who wish to see a Traditional Healer can also be accommodated provided a 48-hour notice is given. Only travel is authorized.

For more information or to schedule a medical trip please contact:

Marcel Catcheway, Medical Trip Coordinator

Skownan First Nation Health Centre

Phone: (204) 628-3110

Fax: (204) 628-3357


To make bus warrant arrangements to Winnipeg, please contact the Transportation Referral Unit at 1-877-983-0911