Home and Community Care (HCC) Program

The Home and Community Care (HCC) Program provides services to on-reserve members in the home based on needs identified through a client assessment.

The belief of care is to assist people in keeping their independence in their own homes and allows them to be close to their loved as long as possible. Services are provided in a holistic manner and recognizes the person’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs as each person is different and unique.

Home and Community Care supports and improves the care provided by the family and community, but should not replace it.

Home and Community Care services are provided to on-reserve members of any age who have an assessed need, and:

  •     Have been recently been discharged from hospital,
  •     Have an illness or disease needing follow up care,
  •     Are unable to live alone while waiting for care in a long-term care facility,
  •     Have a disability requiring assistance to live on their own,
  •     Choose to live at home instead of in a long-term care facility as long as it is safe, affordable, and services are available.

On-reserve members may refer themselves to the program or may be referred by others such as family members, friends, doctor, neighbors, or hospitals.

Home and Community Care services are provided mainly by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified home health aides/personal care workers at the community level. Home health aides/personal care workers should be supported and supervised by registered nurses.

Home and Community Care services include:

Client Assessment

This is carried out by:

  •     Talking with the individual and their family,
  •     Talking with the individual’s doctor and other people who have cared for them,
  •     Reviewing the individual’s health history,
  •     A physical check-up.

The information gathered from these discussions is written down and used to plan the care and services the individual needs. This plan is discussed with the individual.

Case Management

This is the  next step after the assessment to ensure that the plan for care is right and is provided by the proper care-giver at the right time.

Home Care Nursing

Home Care Nursing is:

  •     Nursing care provided in the individual’s home or community setting,
  •     Teaching the individual and their family to care for themselves,
  •     Supervising the workers who provide the personal care.

Personal Care

Help with activities such as bathing, foot care, assistance in getting dressed, etc.

Home Support

Help with light house-keeping, laundry, and meal preparation.

In-Home Respite Services

Caring for an individual when it is not safe for them to be left alone while the family, who usually does the care, has a rest.

For Further Information Contact:

Krista Morrison

Home and Community Care Coordinator

Skownan First Nation Health Centre

Phone: (204) 628-3333 Ext. 235

E-mail: kmorrison@skofn.com