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Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

The Goal of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) is to improve maternal and infant nutritional health in communities.

Program clients include pregnant First Nations women, mothers of infants, and infants up to twelve months of age who live on reserve, particularly those identified as high risk. Also includes First Nations women of childbearing age on-reserve.

Programs and services available to on-reserve members include:

  •     Monthly Prenatal workshops,
  •     Annual Youth Traditional Camp,
  •     Breastfeeding Classes and Promotion,
  •     Hospital Tours,
  •     Grocery Tours,
  •     Breakfast Program – three times a week at School,
  •     Women’s Traditional Gathering – one week,
  •     Sharing Circles,
  •     Traditional Skirt-Making,
  •     Referrals,
  •     Education Counselling.

For more information please contact:

Nancy Chartrand, Community Health Representative/Health Care Aide

Skownan First Nation Health Centre

Phone: (204) 628-3333 Ext. 236