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Brighter Futures Initiative (BFI)/Building Healthy Communities (BHC)

The Brighter Futures Initiative (BFI)/Building Healthy Communities (BHC) coordinates a broad range of community public health programs, provides primary health care, and community health services.

The main goal is to improve health and mental wellness of our communities’ children and families.

The objectives of the BFI/BHC program are:

  • Increase awareness in mental health, child development, healthy babies, and injury prevention and parenting skills,
  • Provide opportunities to improve health services and develop community-based model projects,
  • Address the serious health problems affecting children and families in a community-based, holistic and integrated manner and support optimal health and social development of infants, toddlers, and preschool age children.

BFI Components: (but not limited to):

  •     Mental Health,
  •     Healthy Babies,
  •     Solvent Abuse,
  •     Injury prevention,
  •     Parenting skills,
  •     Child Development,
  •     Cultural programming.

Throughout the year the BFI/BHC program is actively trying to find new ways of delivering programs to address the community needs. Any information and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Some of the BFI/BHC program activities and services for on-reserve members include:

  •     Roots and Wings Life Skills – every Wednesday at Skownan School
  •     Family Play Group – Thursday evenings, children ages 0 – 5
  •     Girls Group – On-going every school year, twice a month after school
  •     Boys Group – On-going every school year, twice a month after school
  •     Earth Day – community walk and BBQ
  •     Mother’s Day – acknowledging our mothers, community walk and BBQ
  •     Annual Pre-school Wellness Fair – children ages 2 – 4
  •     Welcoming Babies Feast – acknowledging babies born through the year
  •     Community Fasting – 4-day vision/fasting quest
  •     Healing Workshops for youth and families
  •     Women’s Gathering
  •     Couples Therapy Program
  •     Treaty Days events
  •     Emergency First Aid and CPR Training
  •     BOAT Course (life-saving society)
  •     Healthy Relationships workshops for youth and families
  •     Biggest Loser Competition (weight loss challenge)
  •     Sewing Classes (once a week)
  •     Parenting Program
  •     Memorial Walk (Diabetes Awareness)
  •     Christmas Parade
  •     Full Moon Ceremony

Asessipi Ski Trip – trip offered to youth ages 16-29 who must attend a one-day workshop on NNADAP and ADI.

Chitek Lake Youth Winter Survival Camp – three-day trip to Chitek Lake with youth

Spring Festival

For more information contact:

Sarah Maud, BFI/BHC Coordinator

Skownan First Nation Health Centre

Phone: (204) 628-3333 Ext. 227



Darcy Thomas, Wellness Worker

Skownan First Nation Health Centre

Phone: (204) 628-3333 Ext. 243