Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI)

The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) program delivers a range of primary prevention, screening and treatment programs in partnership with Tribal Councils, First Nation organizations, Inuit community groups, and Provincial & Territorial governments. Through these activities, the ADI supports prevention, health promotion, screening and care management initiatives that are community-based and culturally appropriate.

The goal of the ADI is to reduce diabetes and its complications in First Nation individuals, families and communities through healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle.

The ADI Objectives are:

  • Increase awareness of diabetes, risk factors, and complications as well as ways to prevent diabetes,
  • Support activities targeted at healthy eating and food security,
  • Increase physical activity as a healthy living practice,
  • Increase the early detection and screening for complications of diabetes in First Nations communities,
  • Increase capacity to prevent and manage diabetes,
  • Increase knowledge development and information-sharing to inform community-led evidence-based activities,
  • Develop partnerships to maximize the reach and impact of health promotion and primary prevention activities.

Services Provided to On-reserve Members include:

  • Foot care (monthly),
  • Diabetes Integration Project (quarterly),
  • Diabetes Education – Private in-home visits. Office visits as needed.

Diabetes Awareness which includes activities such as Food Bingo, information sessions, grocery tours (in conjunction with the Prenatal program), diabetes workshops (how diabetes works, what’s really in your food? etc.)

For more information contact:

Chelsea Catcheway, ADI Community Worker

Skownan First Nation Health Centre

Phone: (204) 628-3333 Ext. 239

E-mail: ccatcheway@skofn.com