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2018-2019 Skownan First Nation Audited Financial Statements

2017-2018 Skownan First Nation Audited Financial Statements

2016-2017 Skownan First Nation Audited Financial Statements

2015-2016 Skownan First Nation Audited Financial Statements

2014-2015 Skownan First Nation Audited Financial Statements –Posted September 22, 2015

2013-2014 Skownan First Nation Audited Financial Statements– Posted December 8, 2014

2012-2013 Skownan First Nation Audited Financial Statements – Posted July 30, 2014

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance has the primary function to develop control measures for the accounting system and setting up the internal auditing procedures. The Director is responsible for the implementing and management of the financial reporting system having all band staff participate in the budget, work plan and financial policy development.

The Director is responsible for monitoring all accounting procedures, making sure the accuracy of the general ledger is in line, and giving focus to the accounts receivable, and payroll/accounts payable, making sure all payroll is handled and overseeing the financial accounting for specific departments. The Director will also assure all financials are ready for monthly staff presentations to Council and assist each staff member when making the monthly presentation.

Finance Clerk

The Finance Clerk provides financial filing and administrative support to the finance department and prepares payroll according to employee time sheets. This position is also responsible for minute taking at all Council and finance meetings.

Financial Statements

The Government of Skownan First Nation (Chief and Council) is committed to move the community forward and feel that transparency and accountability is a given high priority which supports the overall goals and objectives of the community. Every year during the month of August, the financial audit will be posted online for members to be given an opportunity to see the financial position of the band. Financial Statements are also provided at the Annual General Meeting of Skownan band membership which is held in the community on an annual basis.

The 2012-2013 and the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year Financial Audits can be found on the link at the top of this page.

Budget Planning

We will set and review specific service objectives of individual programs, which include establishment of program service requirements and standards annually. The Management will organize and co-ordinate clear written operational and work plans for each fiscal year and future fiscal years subject to the approval of the Council. All Directors will develop written annual operational and work plans subject to the approval of Council. All Directors will prioritize activities subject to the approval by the appropriate authorities.

Budget planning will begin December 15th of each year for the upcoming year and must be finalized by or around January 15th of each year. Staff must present to each program committee first, than present to  the Finance and Human Resources Committee prior to going to Council for approval. Council will take all budgets to the assembly no later than February 15th of each year for final ratification.

For more information contact:

Ruby Catcheway, Finance

Skownan First Nation

Phone: (204) 628-3373 Ext. 114