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Social Development-Income Assistance program provides eligible recipients with the means to meet basic needs for food, clothing, shelter. The program is available to all on reserve residents & their dependents who meet the eligibility criteria, as defined by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC) and who are in need of basic or special financial assistance.

The program also funds the delivery of pre-employment measures designed to increase self-reliance, improve life skills and promote greater attachment to the work force. The Income Assistance program has four main components: basic needs, special needs, pre-employment supports, and service delivery. The expected outcome of the Income Assistance program is an improved quality of life through the reduction of poverty and hardship on-reserve, as well as improved participation in, and attachment to, the workforce.

The Income Assistance Administrator’s responsibility is to deliver the program according to AANDC’s Policies & procedures.

Eligibility Criteria as defined by AANDC:

Assistance depends on:

residency and citizenship;

eligibility for basic or special assistance (as defined by the province of residency);

an assessment (covering financial need, employability, family composition, age, and financial resources available to the household including property & assets and earned & unearned income);

confirmation that the client has not applied or received financial assistance from any other source; and

client must provide all necessary information and documents to ensure accuracy of their eligibility.

Assisted Living Program:

Assists people with functional limitations because age, health problems, or disability to maintain their independence to maximize their level of functioning, to live in conditions of health and safety by providing in-home care services.

For more information contact:

Hannah Huhtala, Income Assistance Administrator

Skownan First Nation

Phone: (204) 628-3373 Ext. 112

E-mail: or