Our Vision, Our Community

Respecting the Land
Our people respect the lands and waters. We work to ensure that the land and water are clean and healthy for our children and the animals.

Our people respect each others’ spirituality or ways, be they Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Native culture or atheist, and we are free to practice our own beliefs.

Chitek Lake
Chitek Lake is Skownan First Nation’s place of peace and freedom for our people and the bison. It is a natural place that supports our community through fishing, small-scale logging and eco-tourism, and provides habitat for our animals.

Our people work together to build a strong, safe and united community for our children and future generations.

Our people provide for our families through productive work based on traditional activities on the land. Working individually, we support our community as a whole.

Our people strive for higher education. We complete high school, excel at our jobs, achieve our goals, and bring meaningful employment requiring skills and education back to Skownan First Nation. Our children are educated in our traditional values, and we have the skills, knowledge and respect needed to survive on the land. Our people speak Ojibway.

Our people build pride, unity and strength in our bodies and minds through recreation and meditation.

Our people spend time with our families to learn from our Elders and to pass on our culture, language and values to our children.

Health and Nutrition
Our people share food from the land gained through hunting, fishing, trapping and gardening, and learn the traditional medicines from our Elders.